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As a specialist vape consumables shop Dronfield, we can advise you as to what direction you need to take with your vaping. There are some things that you will need to buy on a frequent basis, and there are basically two items in this category: eJuice (fluid), and coils (or cartridges). You can also check out other online stores for vaping supplies, such as Life is Balance, for example.

Benefits of Vaping

Now, the fortunate part of this is these expenses tend to be much lower cost than smoking cigarettes. This is what most people refer to when they say that vaping is much less expensive than smoking. The bad side of it is that, at least in the case of eJuices, there are lots of options and you might end up wandering through a few different brands, flavours, etc. and spending a bit extra while you find several you like. The best option for this is to head to a vape consumables shop Dronfield like us to see a selection.

For someone who vapes heavily, typically a 30ml bottle lasts for about two weeks but this will be a case of trial and error for you personally. There is one more thing to consider: batteries don’t last forever. However, they do last for a long time which is about 9 months to a year, sometimes longer. So you can expect to need a new battery occasionally.

About us

We are suppliers of the finest premium UK manufactured e-liquid, at an affordable price. As a premier vape consumables shop Dronfield, we offer a range of delicious liquids to suit all palates.

We are a company passionate about safe vaping and producing the most flavourful juices without using any nasty chemicals that are harmful to our lungs. Please take the time to read about us which will give you an insight into our vape consumables shop Dronfield.